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  • Sarah Goehrke

A New Season For Additive Integrity

This spring, I announced the biggest change in Additive Integrity’s history to date. Now it’s time to shake that up even further.

I look once more -- just around the river bend?

Additive Integrity

From the start, Additive Integrity was designed to offer targeted editorial services to the 3D printing industry. From the start, that was intended to be through one primary contract. After launching Additive Integrity in July 2018 (exactly three years ago today!), the next month I was able to announce that contract, as I took on the mantle of Managing Editor at Fabbaloo.

My roots in additive manufacturing are in media. It’s where I started in 2014, it’s where I developed into a leader in this industry. Continuing in that media-centric role at Fabbaloo -- as well as with other editorial clients as a contributor -- was a perfect fit for me.

As additive manufacturing continued to evolve over the last three years, though, so have I.

I’ve been passionate about this industry since I started going hands-on six years ago. That’s no secret. But my passion has grown. The technology was a strong starting point, but it was never the full story. What got to me, what made me realize this was my career path, was the people.

It’s the people who drive the technology. It’s the people who benefit from the technology.

For an advanced manufacturing sector, 3D printing is deeply and inherently human-centric.

I focused more on the people, and that’s what’s driven me more recently. In taking on more roles speaking and moderating, these conversations have taken on ever more significance. Especially as the People track leader in the first all-female speaker agenda event in this industry, TIPE 3D Printing from Women in 3D Printing, I have been focusing ever more on the workforce.

Women in 3D Printing

I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors since Women in 3D Printing officially became a nonprofit in 2018. I created and authored the first editions of the Wi3DP Diversity for Additive Manufacturing reports. I’ve been part of the decision-making team as the organization has grown, and part of the TIPE executive team since we began to run with the idea of creating an annual event.

But I wanted to do more, and judging by the emails we’ve received, the industry has wanted more. In April, I shuttered other contract availability and in May stepped into a role as the Director of DEI Initiatives at Wi3DP.

We introduced the role at the first-ever Wi3DP Virtual Career Fair in June, and just this week announced the position even more publicly. Thanks to our friends in the media who have shared the announcement!

I’ve been working with all-new teams to create programming for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the 3D printing industry.

We’ll have more news on that soon. It’s very important that this industry come to look more like the world in which it operates. To that end, we’re creating accessible, actionable resources to help strengthen this workforce.

Expect to see regular events, benchmarking studies, data collection, and reports emerging. Expect to see opportunities opening up for companies and event organizers to develop their own internal resources for accessibility and inclusion. Expect this to be a long-lasting conversation.

I’ve been learning, through formal coursework at eCornell for a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion for HR, as well as through summits, conversations with experts, and so much reading and watching and listening. I’ve been working with a core team to create programming, as well as with a media contingent to talk, listen, and share experiences and resources. And soon we’ll be working with pilot partners across the industry to dig into those resources, with wider availability for more companies in 2022.

It’s an exciting time for me, and for Wi3DP.

But that’s not the only big change.


Team Fabbaloo together at Formnext 2019: L-R, Sarah Goehrke, Marney Stapley, Kerry Stevenson [Source: Fabbaloo]

This wasn’t a change I’d anticipated, and it’s not a decision either I or the team at Fabbaloo came to lightly. It’s a pure business decision, where it simply made more sense to end our contract term.

It’s been an absolute dream to work with Kerry and Marney, as well as all our contributors, sponsors, and friends at Fabbaloo these last three years. I look forward to remaining involved in some way going forward.

What’s Next?

So what does that mean for Additive Integrity?

Honestly, right now I’m not 100% sure.

I am not planning to reopen contract editorial work at this time. Speaking/moderating services remain available (in fact, I’m looking forward to moderating a session at ASME’s AM Industry Summit next week with Girl Gang Garage!).

It’s become clear to me that what drives me in this industry is the people and the tangible difference that AM can truly make in this world.

To that end, I’m hopeful that my next position/s will find me working more in the trenches. You won’t find me in a marketing department or media placement, I don’t think; it’s time for more strategic work. I have a few conversations about potential opportunities that could be a great fit for longer-term work.

As a human person, naturally I fear the unknown. But it’s also exhilarating, and I can’t wait to see where I land next -- and of course to continue my work with Wi3DP.


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