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  • Sarah Goehrke

Welcome to Additive Integrity

"How did you get into this business?" is a common question in the young 3D printing industry. For a technology barely older than I am, many of the careers in demand today were not options when I was a student; it never occurred to me while earning my English degree that I would become a journalist covering additive manufacturing, for the simple fact that 15 years ago I had frankly never heard of the technology. Like so many others who have paved career paths in this nascent industry, I found myself here unexpectedly. My response to the opening question is typically a short and somewhat cheeky one: "Accidentally."

In 2014, following six years in a cubicle as lead copy editor and a part-time industry analyst in a Cleveland-based market research/forecasting company, I was ready for my next challenge. After months of job searching, submissions of dozens of resumes and cover letters, and fruitless strings of interview rounds, I applied to a listing I saw on a remote writing jobs newsletter. The listing, a Craigslist post from Florida, sought an editor/writer for a tech news site. The next week, I was on board as one of the first full-time employees of, diving headfirst into what was for me a slew of unknowns: I was by this time somewhat acquainted with 3D printing technology, having edited a study forecasting the global market reach of 3D printers, but as yet uninformed about its breadth of applications and true disruptive potential. I took the leap that autumn, though, and I've never looked back.

September 2015 saw the sale of to its new parent company -- and my promotion to the position of the site's Editor-in-Chief. The next nearly-three years witnessed the industry grow beyond hype, as the consumer bubble burst and the technology solidified its place as a component of Industry 4.0, and I concurrently launched myself wholeheartedly into the thick of the evolution. Product introductions, company catchups, interviews, conferences, and symposia saw me travel throughout the continental United States as well as to the UK, Spain, and Germany, as I sought to get on the ground to see first-hand the innovations and speak directly with the innovators moving additive manufacturing forward. These opportunities proved invaluable in enhancing my understanding of the technologies as well as my acquaintance with the people of the industry; the more I learned of both, the more I came to understand that my 2014 search for a new job had in fact led me to a vibrant career track. I developed a very real passion for what I was doing and sought to advocate for the industry as a journalist -- and for the workforce as a dedicated advocate for increased diversity, equality, and fair treatment. In late June 2018, I tendered my resignation from my position at, leaving the site in good hands to go forward in mid-July, as I found it time to move forward myself for new adventures and additional opportunities in this industry.

Keeping in the forefront the integrity of the technology, as more parts are qualified for industrial, aerospace, and other critical parts applications, as well as the integrity necessary in journalism and in the truths behind the people, I have now launched Additive Integrity LLC.

Through Additive Integrity, I offer editorial services specialized to the additive manufacturing industry, including content curation and creation, editing, social media management, and other word-based services of interest.

For potential clients, I offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of the workings of the 3D printing industry, with a varied network of direct industry participants. As a matter of principle, I do not use language including "best" (though "best-fit" may be appropriate), "most," or other opinion-driven superlatives.

For the industry, I offer contact to several 3D-focused publications for best-fit placement for interviews and news, as well as services for case studies, industry trends, and other writing needs.

Industry recognition includes:

* Named among the Most Influential Women in 3D Printing, 2018, from 3D Printing Media Network

* Named among Influential Women in AM You Should Know, 2018, from The Barnes Group Advisors

* Profiled in Women in 3D Printing, 2018

* Provided technical review and cover feedback for The 3D Printing Handbook, 2017, from 3D Hubs

About Sarah-the-Wordsmith

In addition to several years dedicated to the 3D printing industry in particular, I bring to the table significant experience in wordsmithing, including a bachelor's degree (summa cum laude) from Muskingum College (now University); freelance experience working in content, copy, and proof editing for two fiction publishing houses; and years of theatrical training (including a bachelor's degree, summa cum laude, in theatre with a focus on directing) that have instilled a strong creative drive. Also at Muskingum, I completed a 4.0 minor in Spanish, retaining conversational familiarity but having lost fluency through lack of practice. My varied background additionally includes credentials as a licensed wedding officiant in the State of Ohio, as I have performed legally-binding marriage ceremonies since 2012.

About Sarah-the-Person

I live near Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, three cats, and dog. When I pretend to have free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, creative writing (poetry/short stories), acting and directing in local theatre and improv comedy troupes, vending wares at the local medieval faire, travelling for leisure, reading, and visiting trails -- nature, wine, and bourbon alike. In the US, "Goehrke" rhymes with "turkey".

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