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  • Sarah Goehrke

Five Years of Additive Integrity LLC

Five years ago (as of yesterday, 30 July 2023), Additive Integrity LLC officially launched!

With roots in editorial services, this business has evolved over half a decade to offer even more contract offerings. Essentially running the gamut of all things marketing, communications, media relations, speaking engagement needs, strategic development, messaging for new and existing projects, websites, and overall content, Additive Integrity has engaged with dozens of unique additive manufacturing clients on three continents.

Thank you to past and present clients for your trust and communication!

Even as I celebrate five years of business, it's important to keep focus where it's most needed, and I am on sabbatical this summer. Service offerings will resume in late August (and I continue to seek the best fit for a full-time role, which remains an active search).

Thanks to all for five engaging years, and here's to next adventures!



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