Editorial & Content Offerings

With experience primarily in additive manufacturing journalism, I am available to take on additional editorial and content work. These services are highlighted by some select client work in my most in-demand offerings, though I am happy to work with you on your specific needs.

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500-1000+ word blogs dedicated to your team's offerings and achievements. Both up-to-date and evergreen content on your company's blog keep audiences informed and engaged.


3D Printing Medical Products – Making The Impossible Possible

The Lanterman Group:

3D Printing: Opportunities for Higher Education

A Deeper Dive: Opportunities for 3D Printing in Higher Education

Milestone Achieved: 400+ Trained; Upping Access To Additive Manufacturing

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Case Studies & White Papers

Articles published on your platform highlighting collaborations, accomplishments, product introductions, and more keep your customers informed of your activities.


MIT, Protolabs, Others Collaborate to Advance Additive Manufacturing
Aerospace Manufacturing Methods for Prototyping and Production

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Moderation services to guide a webinar with your expert team/guests. Services include preparation and planning content as well as live webinars, panels, and other virtual conversations.


3D Printing Leadership Forum: Bold Action in Uncertain Times

3D Printing Leadership Forum: How COVID-19 will Impact Global Supply Chains (with Materialise)

EOS North America (via Fabbaloo): COVID-19: A Tipping Point for Additive Manufacturing


Speaking Engagements

Panels, presentations, and keynotes: experienced speaker glad to join, moderate, and lead conversations in additive manufacturing at in-person events.

2018: Keynote, International Symposium of Additive Manufacturing Taiwan

2018: Panelist, Markforged Additive Manufacturing Day

2019: Keynote, Northeast Ohio Additive Manufacturing Cluster

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Editing & Strategy

Hourly rates available to edit written content as well as consultation-by-the-hour to virtually meet to discuss strategic approaches to operating within the 3D printing industry.


Disclosures & Conflicts of Interest

Due to my primary focus in 3D printing journalism, please understand that I cannot write about industry clients without disclosing our relationship, and in some publications not at all. This is to ensure clarity and integrity of reporting and to as far as possible avoid professional conflicts of interest.

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