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  • Sarah Goehrke

Additive Integrity Editorial Services Updates: Spring 2021

Since the inception of Additive Integrity in 2018, my primary client has been Fabbaloo, where through a partnership I am the publication’s Managing Editor. All other client work — article and blog writing, editing, consulting, webinar moderating — has fit around my daily focus with Fabbaloo.

It’s been a great journey this past year and a half, and I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work with some truly exceptional companies throughout the 3D printing industry.

3DPMN, All3DP, ASME, ASTM, Empire Group, Forbes, Fortify, HP, The Lanterman Group, MakerBot, Protolabs, Shapeways, Siemens, XponentialWorks, and the many others I can’t name publicly: whether it was for one project or a longer-term relationship, I’ve appreciated working with all of you. Thank you for trusting me with your words.

It is with mixed emotions that as of the end of this month I will be shuttering the general availability of my editorial services for the foreseeable future.

I have signed a contract for a second focal client.

New contract to enter a new world.

I will be resolving all current client work in April, and taking some vacation time in May. As of June, I will be running full steam ahead with Fabbaloo and my other contract.

Both contracts are run through Additive Integrity, and while that means my company will still be up and running, it will be in a different public functionality.

On a very limited basis, I will still be available for short-duration project work — primarily for webinar/panel/event moderating/speaking engagements.

But otherwise, all my working efforts will be dedicated to my two points of focus.

I’m being a bit roundabout just now, but suffice it to say the new contract won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows my work, and I’m very excited about the work ahead. It’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of that work will rely on industry relationships I’ve built and will yet build as time goes on — it’s very likely we’ll still be working together as I step into this new role!

I’ll have a lot more to say about all this before too long, but for right now I’m finishing up existing client work; please reach out if you need something written in April!


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