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  • Sarah Goehrke

The (Grand?) Re-Opening

The short version of this post is that Additive Integrity is (re) open for business!

In our last update, dear visitor, we discussed a new role as I entered the additive manufacturing industry directly in a newly established full-time role. Alas, the world remains uncertain, and in the face of impending economic uncertainty, many companies in many industries are facing layoffs as they tighten ranks and focus on streamlined operations. My role was among those eliminated in a recent round of layoffs.

Hello, job market, how do you do?

Where could this path go?

It's a tough time, as any headline will tell you, to be on the open job market these days -- and it's certainly no easier for companies themselves. Early last week, I had the pleasure of joining 3D Musketeers' Grant for a live chat about workforce development, and we started our chat on the topic of layoffs.

Catch that talk here:

As I've been engaging in some truly invigorating conversations, both networking catch-ups and potential new roles, I've been fortunate to speak to and keep up with brilliant and empathetic colleagues across the 3D printing world.

One trend that's been prominent in these conversations is the significant need industry-wide for better, clearer messaging. What are companies doing, how can it make an impact, who are the right customers, what is the best tool for a job -- and how can these all connect?

I'm in a fortunate position in this job search. Not only did my former employer set me up for exit success, but I have an established LLC through which I've worked with dozens of clients since 2018. I have the capability now to date before I marry into a next full-time role, as well as to simply offer the project-by-project consulting/editorial/strategic help that new and returning clients might need.

That is to say:


Let's talk.

Project needs? Long-term, full-time opportunities?

I'm game. Let's discuss how experienced AM leadership can benefit your team.

(*priority given to conversations that could lead to full-time employment)

I'll also be at IMTS 2022 next week -- let's meet up in Chicago! I'll for sure be at the Women in 3D Printing happy hour on the Tuesday, and otherwise easy to find in the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion.

Won't be at IMTS? Want to talk sooner? Let's connect.


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