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  • Sarah Goehrke

Partnership Announcements

I am delighted today to announce the relaunch of Fabbaloo, a long-running resource well known to the 3D printing industry. The site has been the domain of Kerry Stevenson -- aka "General Fabb" -- since its establishment in 2007. Through Additive Integrity, I am proud today to announce that I am joining the team at Fabbaloo as the site's new Managing Editor.

This move marks my primary partnership and focus in contributing to the additive manufacturing industry. Team Fabbaloo has now officially doubled this month from Kerry and business operations lead Marney Stapley, to include myself in editorial and Emelia Nyarku, who will be working with Vice President of Business Development Marney as the Acquisition Sales Manager.

My full announcement is here.

You can read Kerry's statement on the updates to Fabbaloo here, including the site's new makeover.

[Team Fabbaloo 2018: Marney, Sarah, Kerry, Emelia.]

In addition to work with Fabbaloo, I am maintaining freelance relationships with other industry publications. It is a pleasure to join 3DPBM as a contributor -- you can read my interview with that site's Editor-in-Chief here -- and to work with All3DP on a weekly industry news digest.

I am also working with several clients within the industry for blogs, editing needs, and other wordsmithery as possible. These projects have been allowing for a delightful new perspective, writing from the inside, as it were.

One other major partnership announcement is forthcoming at the beginning of September. I am especially excited for this one, as it is very close to my heart.

Onward we go, and I look forward to continuing the momentum in helping to provide a broad spectrum of resources and grounded analysis to the additive manufacturing industry. Through these partnerships, it is my hope to add to a realistic conversation in 3D printing as this industry evolves.

I look forward to continuing to grow with it, and am so humbled by the opportunities afforded in reporting on 3D printing.

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