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Where To Read What I Write

Two years into running my own editorial services company, I've finally figured out how to describe what I do in a quick elevator pitch. My brief bio now usually reads:

"Sarah Goehrke has been a dedicated 3D printing journalist since 2014. She served as the editor-in-chief of from 2015 to 2018, when she launched independent additive manufacturing-focused editorial services company Additive Integrity. Her primary client is Fabbaloo, where she is the Managing Editor. She works with other publications including Forbes, as well as industry clients, to provide quality AM content. Sarah is also on the Board of Directors of Women in 3D Printing."

In person, it's much briefer still:

"I write about additive manufacturing; Fabbaloo is my primary client, and I also write and edit content for other publications and clients operating within the industry."

Achieving any sort of brevity in describing what I do was a bit of a journey, as since going off "on my own" I no longer have just one job -- I have clients. And with each client, I have a different title. For publications these can be fairly descriptive -- Managing Editor (Fabbaloo), Contributor (Forbes) -- while with industry clients my contract work is generally lower-profile, including ghostwriting. I also take on speaking engagements -- or, more commonly during these pandemic days, virtual speaking engagements, moderating webinars and panels, or popping up in a roundtable or networking event. It can be difficult sometimes to summarize what I do.

That mighty introduction can also have its own elevator pitch: I write many things, published in several places.

But what do I write, and where can you read it?

I thought it might be handy to collate references for some of what I think are my standout published pieces. (Among those that have my name on them, anyway.)

This will be a periodically updated series here on my Additive Integrity blog, sharing some of the recent month/quarter's published pieces.

The first in this series is Where To Read: Exclusive Interviews

The quick links on the Publications page will also direct you to some of my most frequent avenues:





And, as always, please reach out if you're interested in contracting additive manufacturing-focused editorial services!