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  • Sarah Goehrke

Where To Read: Exclusive Interviews

A big part of what I do in 3D printing journalism specifically is touching base directly with the additive manufacturing industry. That includes interviews -- a lot of interviews. I often tell people I am not myself an expert, but I know (and regularly speak to) the experts, those who are actually in the trenches, and the C suites, of these technologies.

[Pictured are a few people I've interviewed recently: these all in the same day for Fabbaloo's Rapid Fire Interview Day]

Here are some exclusive interviews with some standout 3D printing industry participants:

3MF Consortium

Upon his appointment I spoke with new 3MF Consortium Executive Director Luis Baldez, who explains that the focus is on adoption now for the new Linux Foundation member:


3D printing + injection molding offers some intriguing possibilities, as AddiFab Inc. CEO Carsten Jarfelt revealed in one of our first conversations:

Aleph Objects

When the future of LulzBot was in question and the company seemed to be crumbling, I spoke to Aleph Objects Founder and Owner Jeff Moe for the inside scoop on exactly what was happening:


As 3D printing continues toward real-world use in heavily-regulated industries, standards matter; ASTM International’s Mohsen Seifi, PhD, Director of Global Additive Manufacturing Programs offers insights:

Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona

As a case study, I caught up with additive manufacturing specialist Arnau Valls Esteve to discuss in-hospital use of 3D printing, specifically with desktop systems:

Danielle Boyer

Sure, I speak with a lot of execs -- but the most inspiring stories in 3D printing come from the next generation. Danielle is a brilliant educator, roboticist, and entrepreneur I had the pleasure of meeting last year, focusing on bringing STEAM to the next-next generations, authoring The STEAM Connection and a series of children’s books, as well as guiding a robotics team:

Fabbaloo, March 2019: A Conversation In STEAM: Part One / Part Two

Desktop Metal

The day the company announced its intent to go public, I spoke with CEO and Co-Founder Ric Fulop for insights into the strategy behind the move and what might lie ahead:


3D printing mainstay EOS has decades of perspective to offer -- a chat with Glynn Fletcher, President of EOS North America, about the maturing realities of additive manufacturing:


2019 was an interesting year for Essentium; I spoke with Co-Founder and CEO Blake Teipel, PhD, for insights into industrial additive manufacturing as well as the Jabil v Essentium lawsuit in the headlines at the time:

Fabbaloo, August 2019: Exclusive Interview: Essentium CEO On Innovation, Future Of Industrial-Scale Manufacturing — Part 1 / Part 2

HP Inc.

A conversation with Christoph Schell, then HP's President of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, upon the opening of the company's new Center of Excellence:

I caught up with HP's Global Head of Customer and Market Development and Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer for two interviews at 3D Printing Media Network:

HP isn't best-known for its 3D printing activities, so I caught up with Annette Friskopp — Global Head & General Manager of the Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) group in the HP Inc.’s Graphics Solutions Business — to see how the company brought its internal resources together to meet external needs as the pandemic began to grip the world:

Fabbaloo, May 2020: HP Connects The Internal Dots To Mobilize 3D Printing: Part One / Part Two


I caught up with Jabil’s Vice President of Digital Manufacturing, John Dulchinos, for a chat about the company's collaborations and strategies, and a follow-up featuring longer-term considerations of the industry:

Jagiellonian University Medical College

Professor Klaudia Proniewska, PhD, of the Department of Bioinformatics and Telemedicine; and Professor Dariusz Dudek, MD, of the Department of Cardiology, Institute of Cardiology of this Kraków-based institution were keen to discuss the future of holography in healthcare:

John Hornick

When it comes to the legalities of 3D printing, few have the expertise that John Hornick offers. At the time of this conversation, John was Senior Counsel at intellectual property (IP) firm Finnegan, where he founded the 3D Printing Working Group; he is currently Chief Strategy & Communications Officer at nScrypt. He offers a look at IP concerns in additive manufacturing:


Medical 3D printing is a rising specialization for this technology, and Kumovis is seeking to make it push-button easy; I spoke with Stefan Leonhardt, one of two Managing Partners and four Founders, to learn more about the company's focus on medical device regulation:

Lynda McKinney

Senior communications professional Lynda Mckinney has significant experience in both agency and in-house work, and currently serves as the Head of Global Communications at Desktop Metal; she shares insights into the need for messaging to keep up with strategic pivots in difficult times.


Few 3D printing companies have been around for three decades, but Materialise has -- Stefaan Motte, Vice President and General Manager of Software at Materialise, describes 3 decades in 3 stages:

If you're ever talking co-creation, you're probably talking about (or talking to) Materialise; another chat with Stefaan offers a look at some of the company's approaches:

Prusa Research

Founder and CEO Josef Prusa shared a look at his company's admirable quick pivot to pandemic-response design and 3D printing:


Ricoh is a busy company, but what exactly is it doing in 3D printing? Mark Dickin, Additive Manufacturing & Moulding Engineering Manager at Ricoh UK Products, clarifies:


RIZE introduced the industry's first UL GREENGUARD 2904 Certified 3D printer and materials last year; I spoke with CEO and President Andy Kalambi about the significance of this achievement in a two-part interview for Fabbaloo:

The company's next 3D printer introduction, the 2XC, maintained this focus, and Andy and RIZE Founder and CTO, Eugene Giller added more to the story when we caught up in the spring:

Fabbaloo, June 2020: Not Slowing Down: RIZE Execs Discuss New 3D Printer, Alliance, Workflows

Stratasys x VA

Stratasys worked with the VA to help with high-tech mandibular reconstruction. Michael Gaisford, Stratasys’ Director of Marketing for Healthcare Solutions, and Dr. Beth Ripley, the Chair of the VHA 3D Printing Advisory Committee at Veterans Administration (VA) offered insights into the work:

Fabbaloo, December 2018: 3D Reconstruction With Stratasys And The VA, Part One / Part Two


I spoke with XJet CEO and 3D printing industry veteran Hanan Gothait in his first in-depth personal interview, delving into his family's deep history and his roots in additive manufacturing:

In compiling this list, it occurs to me that I've done a significant amount of interviews -- these are just a few (a few!) that stood out to me from the last two years.

Not included here are many that took place during on-site visits to facilities around the world, which are plentiful enough* to merit their own compilation.

*Remember when we could travel freely around the world? Hopefully these will resume in time!

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