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One Year of Additive Integrity

With a Missing Link set piece at LAIKA Studios in March 2019

One year ago today, I formally launched Additive Integrity.

It's been quite a year.

In 2018, I appreciated the opportunity to embark on this new adventure. It took me new places, opened new doors, and introduced new endeavors. As we rolled into 2019, things continued on.

In addition to the editing and writing work that started me on this additive manufacturing journey, and the speaking engagements I had started in on last year, I added a few new hats. I've now acted as a jury member on three design challenges -- with Stratasys/GrabCAD, the 3D Pioneers Challenge, and the 3D Hubs Student Grant -- and have provided review and consulting in developing additive manufacturing courses.

Through it all, the north star on my solo sailing expedition has been with my primary client, Fabbaloo, where I am loving my position as Managing Editor. If you need me on a day-in-day-out basis, find me at that site, regularly writing and doing all of our editing and scheduling as we continue to grow. We officially launched together in August, so that hasn't been quite a full year yet, but we'll count it in this review. I'm so proud to work with Kerry and Marney, and to see our efforts continue to add to Fabbaloo's growth. We have a few new efforts in mind that will be coming quite soon to add to our ongoing daily coverage of all things 3D printing.

With other online news sources, primarily as a contributor at and with my weekly 3D printing industry digest over at All3DP, progress also continues apace. It's a real delight to reach other audiences, and a lovely challenge to adapt to these different platforms.

Travel has continued as well, as 2019 has seen me on the road again, from SOLIDWORKS World in Texas to HP's new 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Barcelona, from XponentialWorks in California to The Technology House in my own home state of Ohio. Site visits remain a favorite for me, as the more installations I see and the more people I talk to, the more I can understand our industry and appropriately share perspectives. Attending RAPID + TCT allowed me the opportunity to visit Wacker's US base for ACEO with its silicone 3D printing and opened the door for a recent return trip to Detroit to visit SLM Solutions North America. In the spring, I flew out to Portland to visit LAIKA -- because the 3D printing industry doesn't always mean manufacturing centers, sometimes it's movie studios.