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Additive Integrity in 2019: Ever Onward

Oh, the places you'll go in the 3D printing industry: October 2018 marked my first-ever visit to Israel.

Happy New Year!

2018 is officially over, and what a year it was in additive manufacturing. With new technologies alongside advances in established processes, with new applications and materials, new participants and partnerships, and "serial production" abuzz, the year has left quite an impression.

Retrospectives and predictions are everywhere in 3D printing media this week. I'm getting personal here.

In 2018, I took a major leap. I chose to leave a comfortable position as the Editor-in-Chief of an established industry site and forge a new path. While perhaps a keyboard may not seem as daunting as a machete, it's still a trick to clear new pathways. It was the right choice for me, and I've been incredibly fortunate to have excellent company along the journey so far.

Badges from three years of reporting as the Editor-in-Chief of

From a supportive partner encouraging me to not just follow my dreams but build completely new ones to a rockstar designer helping to build my branding (Haley Mortensen is remarkable for any illustration/design needs) to trusted bankers and accountants checking my paperwork, establishing Additive Integrity LLC was a group effort. It takes a village to raise a business.

Actually getting down to the business of the business was something of a relief following all the behind-the-scenes work.

Through Additive Integrity, I appreciate a unique position to curate my partnerships and it is an utter pleasure to be working tod