About Sarah Goehrke

The Genesis of Additive Integrity

I have built my life on words.

Focusing on writing from youth, I went on to graduate summa cum laude with a double major in English and Theatre, and a minor in Spanish, from Muskingum College (now University). Following a year and a half at a manufacturing company, I worked for the next six years at a leading Cleveland-based industry forecasting company. I became the lead copy editor and headed project management in the industry division, also authoring several studies as an industry analyst.  I also began freelance editing for two publishing houses, working in developmental/content and copy editing, as well as proofreading; working as an entertainer and directing staff member at a local medieval faire; and officiating weddings for which I write original ceremonies for each couple.

In 2014, I joined as an editor/writer, stepping up the next year to become the site's Editor-in-Chief. I led the team of full-time and freelance writers to refocus content operations on industrial applications and operations in additive manufacturing, building a substantial network in the young industry and encouraging direct lines of communication with participants across a variety of verticals. I came to realize that I had found not a job but a career in 3D printing, as well as a deep passion for speaking up for equity and diversity in the workforce.

In the summer of 2018, I chose to embark on new adventures in this dynamic industry, founding Additive Integrity LLC.

Built upon tenets of intelligent journalism and high standards, Additive Integrity is available for targeted, grounded exploration and examination of the world of 3D printing. Taking technical information and translating it into readable, navigable content allows for better understanding of a complex industry. As both a business and a labor of love, Additive Integrity promises a high caliber of targeted, original content for all contracted work. As the integrity of parts made with additive manufacturing technologies continues to advance, so too should the conversation and resources informing this growth.

With experience in content creation and curation, editing, publishing, social media, and management, I remain active working with fiction editing and creative writing as well, offering a diverse perspective.

In the US, "Goehrke" rhymes with "turkey".


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